Typical Loan Scenario :

  • Realistic Loan to Value         ( LTV )    Up to 70 %
  • Less than perfect credit is OK
  • Typical Note Rate @         * 9.50 % to 12.5 %           * Subject to Change without notice. Simple Interest Loans.

  • Interest Reserves may be financed into Loans,subject to case by case analysis

  • Voucher Control with Inspection Servicing            ( In House )
  • Cross Collateralizing in some cases
  • No upfront fees in most cases. Moderate Fees for; Site Visits, Studies,Origination, Voucher Control Servicing, Inspections,Etc..

Borrower :

Future Value Funding, Inc.’s private money alternatives may be your business solution when conventional funding just isn’t available. 

Business Borrowers – Submittal Information for Loan Request

Providing sufficient information for the initial review will expedite your request and enable Future Value Funding Inc. to provide a timely response. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Borrower Name
  2. Borrower Type ( Business, Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Trust, Other )
  3. Property Description  
    • Residential Construction
    • Residential Development / Subdivisions
    • Land with Future Value / Entitlement Processing
    • Commercial Construction
    • Multi-family ( 5+ units), Industrial, Retail, Office, Other Commercial, Mixed-Use, Special Purpose, Non-Owner SFR 1-4 units )
    • New or Condition of Rehabilitation
    • Size ( Square footage, # of units, Acreage )
    • Location - City and County, in the state of California
  4. Loan Purpose ( Construction, Purchase, Refinance, Equity, Other )
  5. Loan Amount Requested
  6. Entitlement Documents and Plans if applicable
  7. Executive Summary, if applicable
  8. Most Current Appraisal  or Owner's Estimate of Value 
  9. Purchase Price ( Current vs Original ) Improvements Added since Purchase
  10. Time frame that the property has been held closely, if applicable
  11. For refinancing - existing debt, lender, interest rate, payment amount, pre-pay penalty, maturity date
  12. Actual dollars invested by Borrower
  13. Income generated by rents/leases and estimated annual expenses
  14. Borrower's experience, approximate liquidity and net worth
  15. Borrower's credit condition -Our loans are primarily based on equity , Not FICO
  16. Pictures of property including topography

Call Future Value Funding Inc. at (805) 701-8863 to discuss your loan request!

After our discussion, you may be asked to submit a preliminary package for review. Upon receipt, Future Value Funding Inc. will make every attempt to respond to your request within 2 business days via phone or email.

If your loan qualifies, Future Value Funding Inc. will send you a written letter of interest.

The following financial considerations apply to all loan applications:

  • There must be verifiable income available to service the debt such as leases, income, etc., or an interest reserve account will be established. There should also be a reasonable exit strategy. These items may be detailed on your executive summary.
  • Owner carry-back, equity seconds, and/or subordinated liens are acceptable.
  • Borrower must have some financial investment in the property.